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Boys Overnight Boot-Camp Session 1 "NY Invades" Torrington CT

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

When session 1 of the basketball bootcamp got underway it was pretty evident there was some talent in the building, but we came to realize how true it was. A few came from the Brooklyn, NJ and Albany NY to prove they have "what it takes to be the best. As I always said the cream will rise to the top. Jahmir "Air up There" Johnson proved he was one of the standouts all around players. showcasing his flair for dunks on the fast break or just being a bully on the boards this Junior 6'2 G/F from Fort-Green Brooklyn had a stellar camp. Playing for Dr. Susan B. Mckinney High School in Brooklyn this young man was put to the test during morning and night stations he just has a different motor his high school coach speaks of. Great job at camp and we can't wait to see him next year.

His nick name is "EJ" Everett Kelly Jr. please remember this name if you didn't hear me the first time. There are 3 Let's that come to mind after watching him at camp " CP3 ". Most people will not understand it now but will later on as this young man played for one above his age level and two held, played well. What a blessing to see a true point guard back in effect, the pass first was there, the getting teammates involved was there and running the show wow was there. Playing against older talent at camp he showed he has "what it takes" to be the next special young talents that is on his way up. His play making skills and being a few plays ahead is a lost art in basketball. His jumper is getting there which will make him more of a threat as he gets 's older. He's a poised young leader that will be a force to be wrecking with as he takes to the school and AAU circuit this summer. we can't wait to see what he has in store for us this summer as many of the Boston kids were asking about him. I told them EJ is like a Snickers Candy once you see him ask yourself are you Satisfied... Oh and he's also a Brooklynite.

They came as a pair both brothers one must be or could be known as Batman and the other could be considered Robin, whomever is who Isiah and Elijah Smith from Schenectady, NY are two of the best young guards in the capitol region. They proved that upstate NY has some skin in the game when it comes to the land scape of New York basketball. Coming to camp each brother of the dynamic duo showcased their knack for the game. Elijah Looks laid back but once the lights were on he performed at both weeks of camp. A smooth Jumper and a nice mid-range game he should be ready for Varsity competition this year at Schalmont High School. Isiah was unleashed at camp and went right into attack mode after seeing his brother walk out with the first Andy Stone MOP award there was nothing he would leave on the table for anyone to eat. He rebounded, played stellar defense and fought everyone to get his MOP of the camp in the next session. The cross-over was on point and that next gear he has just propelled him into the best player at the camp. Schalmont should start them both in the backcourt if so Section 2 better watch out for these two opposing coaches will stay up late trying to focus on the game plan on how to stop Batman & Robin...

I'm trying to find a way to introduce this young man, but to be very honest, his God father told me in a brief conversation "He's a pro, if he keeps going". I was shocked that he would throw it out there like that but he's known some pro's and played against some in his day. As for me I have played against much fewer but worked with Kyrie Irving, Step Curry, Kyle Anderson, Lance Stephenson Isiah Whitehead, JR Smith, and countless others throughout my coaching and teaching at five-star basketball camp. Deron Rippey Jr. is one of the latest guards that has that type of game I have seen from some of those others I have coached at Five-Star Basketball Camp and at Hoop Group Basketball Camp. He plays defense, he's a dynamic player that has more tools in his belt than many young kids his age. He can score the ball with the best of them, see's the court very well and makes smart plays with the ball. In his debut at Basketball Boot- camp he made his mark, during the games and stations he showed why his worthy of a write up and as many teachers would say stepped to the front of the class in his first day. He also was in contention for just about every award we had at camp. We can't wait to see what summer 22' is going to be like for him.

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